Friday, September 22, 2023

Road Trip 2023 Day 9

Saturday -- a very long day just around Moab :)

Dewey Bridge, heading up to Top of the World

Sigh...yes I just saw a Bronco go up.

Yes, my Jeep can do this.

Yes, I can do this.

Without a spotter? Eh...nope.

Still claiming the Badge of Honor, I did my best attempt :). It did cause me to decide that Poison Spider, Steel Bender, and Elephant Hill I really needed Eric or someone with me to spot :/

Even reservation only, traffic backed up to get into Arches.

Sort of took a wrong turn heading to Canyonlands, ended up going over the Gemini Bridges road :) It was a good wrong turn.

Entering Canyonlands officially

Time for the Shafer Trail :)

Thelma & Louise Point

The blue colored water is evaporating ponds for a potash mine. They use a blue dye to accelerate solar evaporation.

Big Horn sheep!

And dummy me thought about it, but said "Nah I don't need to get my good camera out, what's the chance of seeing more?"

My brain still can't process this one...

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