Saturday, September 23, 2023

Road Trip 2023 Day 16

...we had a little "issue" you'll see further down. Gunnison over Engineer Pass, then headed to Moab so we were more likely to get Jeep-specific parts and help if needed on a Sunday.

(Need to put Gaia map here)

All things considered...this happened in the best spot we had been in for a while.

The route out direct to Ouray is quite rough; much tougher than the actual pass.

Rear swaybar link came loose, and took out a brake line.

With some advise from some folks who stopped to help, Eric whittled a wooden plug to stop up the brake line (we cut the brake line off then screwed back the fitting with the plug inside). I had the rest of the tools and extra fluid.

Next day when we got the replacement parts, also picked up a cap specifically designed to plug off brake lines.

Originally I was going to head towards Elephant Hill in Canyonlands; this we decided hotel in Moab.

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