Saturday, September 23, 2023

Road Trip 2023 Day 13

Was pretty exhausted by the end of this day after the last few, otherwise I might have gotten out more at Mesa Verde. It's another park that you really get more of the story to understand the terrain, and realize they too get rain similar to say western Iowa rather than most of the deserts or plains nearby.

Stayed overnight in Page, AZ so first...Glen Canyon Dam!

Ok, so we have photographic proof the yellow shackles were on my bumper two days before I was in Denver. Pretty sure they were stolen there.

Pretty sure this is where Navajo Generating Station was

Approaching Monument Valley.

So in the middle of nowhere Utah, just north of Monument Valley the speed limit dropped, and signs warned of scenic pullouts, heavy traffic, and pedestrians in the road. WTF?

I'm looking right, I'm looking left, I see...nothing special.

But there are people everywhere...including selfies in the middle of the road...really seriously WTF...

Then just checking my mirrors I see in my driver's side mirror...

It's the Forrest Gump "I think I'll go home now" spot.

Ever wondered what it looked like when he turned around? Here you go:

The metropolis of Mexican Hat, Utah.

That's a hell of an accurate GPS fix for that Jeep :D

Mesa Verde National Park

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