Friday, August 25, 2023

Road Trip 2023 Day 1

But first...

Couple days ago noticed the old barn at Ennis' fell down :(

Happy with the packing -- not interfering my vision out the rear. Can't see in the pics three grocery bag/totes on the rear seat with food and clothes, but I'm pretty sure (especially if I put the gas can outside) would all fit in the back. Gas can is just inside for now to reduce temptation for theft.

Drive by of the fair on my way out of town. Left my house at 8:07.

11:37 in Pennsylvania

Google Maps showed a big backup on I-81 in Scranton so I took Route 202 through Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area to I-80.

Got to my hotel room in Richfield, OH at 7:00pm.

It has a function hall that I think is hosting a wedding tonight, so the parking lot was packed! One of the farthest walks I've had to the front desk, though they had gotten me a room near the front desk at least.

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