Friday, September 22, 2023

Road Trip 2023 Day 2

Got on the road before daylight.

(a) The parking lot was full from an Indian wedding reception happening the night I pulled in;

(b) In the morning the lobby was full of workers and the lot full of white contractor trucks -- goodness they must've gotten in late and were ready to leave early!

Cuyahoga Valley National Park...let me claim right to put the sticker on my Jeep :D It's a political National Park -- Congress called it that, was originally a Recreation Area which fits it better.

Damn the sun was bright even behind me at that hour of the morning! Ohio Turnpike

Not sure if the pics captured it, was surprised in western Iowa how many fields where fairly small "terraces."

Didn't quite make it to Nebraska, but you could see it from the hotel room.

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