Thursday, August 3, 2023

Jeep Prep Continues...

Worked from home today, which lets me spend some garage time at lunch and then immediately after work instead of driving home.

But first a butterfly I saw at lunch time. The tiger lillies seem huge this year -- I have a bunch taller than me!

Had I actually read page 2 of the instructions, I didn't need the mounting plate that came with the Rotopax mounting kit, the vertical part would have fit the holes on the bracket just fine :/ But I didn't read so I drilled new holes :D

2.5 gallon gas can. The mount system just straps to the tire.

They do need to be up this high on the tire to clear everything.

Got the zip tie xmas trees so finished buttoning up the license plate wiring.

While turning the Jeep around so I could start working on some front end stuff, noted the tiger lillies at the end of the driveway were almost as tall as the Jeep -- they were above my head with me in the Jeep!

Got a swing up mount for the license plate since I keep forgetting when I have it mounted and go banging through brush...

Decided I didn't like the clearance, but I did decide by mounting it high it works fine. I'd have to be winching at a pretty darn sharp angle for it to interfere.

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