Saturday, August 12, 2023

Garage Saturday...

Weirdest darn thing...since last Thursday haven't had much of an appetite and sort of the runs but not quite. Which can happen if I'm not eating a lot too. Even this week didn't really do anything T-We-Th because after noon time my insides felt like I'd have a diarreah, I had rumbles, my butt was clenching, but by laying down I didn't have to go and in the morning would feel fine and poop normal. Sigh.

Friday too. At least Saturday so far all day and things seem to be returning to normal, still not much of an appetite.

So Friday at noon time I did manage to begin wiring in the new outlets.

Would've preferred circular lugs, but this is all I had on hand that would fit.

Wiring in a low-voltage cut off. Do need to pull it out and turn it up so it turns off sooner.

Adding shrink tube over the solder seals just for belts and size of tube I had was too small, next size up I had was too large; shrank fine around the middle but I used a bit of tape on the ends.

Got the dash cam installed :)

So this is all that leaked in the ~week the Jeep has been parked here. Can feel fluid near the fill with my pinky, so I'm OK with this for the trip. another issue. So the inside rear brakepad is wearing faster than the outer. It will fine for the trip, but the slides likely need lubing (and new pads).

The bigger issue is I wanted to adjust the parking brake. I couldn't break the bolt for the caliper, and the access port is sort of behind it.
I'll try tomorrow to see if I can get an angle at the access port; I tested the parking brakes this afternoon and they definitely positively need adjusting before the trip. I was hoping to avoid taking off the caliper before the trip since that bolt is so hard, I don't want to risk breaking something. I suspect it just needs to some heat to break loctite on the bolt.

Went for a nice long loop through Hampton/Chaplin/Canterbury/Pachaug as a road test.

With drive-bys of a Jeep Invasion in Plainfield, and stopping at Betsy's Stand on Ekonk hill for tomatoes.

I was shocked how many Jeeps were at the show! I just had my schmegy clothes on, maybe next year I'll go.

Was gorgeous perfect Jeep top open weather.

Hmmmm...the old part of Bailey Pond Road is being logged. I did poke in to the logging deck hoping maybe I could finally go down to the old bridge, but they had put brush across the old road :(

Ok, up on all fours. Tomorrow need to:
-- Check the sway bar bolts;
-- Check that the sway bar hasn't touched...I bet that Jeep Invasion had a flex apparatus too which would've been perfect to check it while someone watched to make sure they cleared the body mount :/
-- Grab one of the nuts so I can buy some spares to take with me;
-- Put on the conical washers to protect skid plate bolts;
-- Warm the engine and check coolant reservoir when warm (forgot to do that when I got back from the road test);

When I got to Ekonk, you could see clouds moving in. Was not expecting that -- it had been a nice sunny day. I made it home just as it started to drizzle and got the windows up on the Fusion and had just enough time to sweep the garage floor before pulling in the Jeep.

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