Monday, August 21, 2023

Sunday Jeeps and Monday Chickens

Out of curiousity, pulled the other slide pin -- I had to use an electric ratchet to rotate it while applying pressure with a small pry tool.

Step to get to the rack.

Put the ham radio stickers on. They're home made magnetic ones, couldn't find a magnetic sticker I liked so bought some magnetic backing and attached the stickers. They had a lot of "memory" so I ended up needing a heat gun to get them to sit flat, but since they've been doing well.

Labeled the ammo cans.

5th ammo can, this has ATF-4 (power steering, DOT3, and 5w20.


Surprising amount of shit fits under the back seat. I'll fill up the drivers side rear since I don't slide it forward to sleep in the back; the seats go down as they move forward so I can't fit as much on the passenger side.

Stuffed the sleeping box...pillow, two flannel sleeping bag liners, woobie, and finally the camping quilt in case it gets really cold.

Test Fit...still need:
-- Toilet Kit
-- Big Chair
-- Food
-- Clothes
-- 2 computer backpacks and camera backpack

More shit on the dash...CB added to the grab handle; actually works well there as long as I don't have a passenger to be impaled by an airbag deployment :)

Monday after work, went over to Eric's farm for some alcoholic beverages...

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