Sunday, August 13, 2023

Bottom to Top on the Jeep...

'twas a day that went from the bottom to the top :)

Wanted to put conical washers over the exposed skid bolts; discovered that most of them already had damage and the ones I could get a socket to fit basically laughed at my Milwaukee impact.

Decided not to break out the heavy artillery. This project will have to wait; I'll also try to find the size (length) of the bolts and have new ones ready so I can replace one at a time.

At least once I tackle the project again, the conical washers will work with 19mm sockets easily.

In the afternoon I headed up to Eric's -- deal was he had to do the roof part of installing the roof rack for the Moab trip.

Morning was muggy. 1pm-ish in full sun it was downright brutal as I got the trailer hooked up and loaded -- the rack wouldn't fit inside the Jeep.

On the way up to Charlton I could see strong thunderstorms, though I fortunately missed most of the rain.

One more round of storms brushed us in the afternoon, after which the air became super dry and awesomely pleasant.

Scott bought a Jeep to tow behind an RV -- and we were comparing. He has more lift, smaller tires and it works out the tail lights end up at the same height.

Had to unhook the trailer to install the rack. Just gonna leave it up at Eric's till I get back rather than take time futzing with it.

Rack clears the Sunrider easily.

Few pics from Oxford and Putnam on the way home...just absolutely gorgeous perfect weather after the storms moved through.

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