Monday, August 7, 2023

Oil Change & RockJock AntiRock

Sunday before Mom's birthday party...time for an oil change. Beautifully cool & dry in the garage at 8am when I got out there :)

Didn't end up turning on the fan until like 11am.

Gee, I wonder why I invested in heavier duty skid plates :)

While the oil is draining (a) the engine was cold and (b) the Fumoto valve ain't that big of an opening, I pulled off the old sway bar.

First day using the big creeper, haven't had a working creeper in a while. Holy heck this thing rolls way to easy. Took me a few minutes to get used to it since I was flying all over the place.

Currie / RockJock AntiRock swaybar. First, the install was very straight forward and stuff I had seen in other videos of folks warning about didn't exist. But it is also clear to me now there has been multiple generations of this product.

Bit of moly grease in the bushings.

Anti Sieze, you betcha.

Cap installed.

Gonna have to trim that body mount...

So Monday morning ran up to Tractor Supply and bought a pack of cutting wheels for my grinder.

...and decided to run down to Mystic to get some seafood (ended up getting calamari).

Sunflowers are blooming at Buttonwood.

That is as short as these links go and that is way too long. Need to cut off ~2" from each.

After cutting, I used the bolt already on them to chase out the threads.

And a really shitty job trimming the body mount. Probably should've taken a grinding wheel to it afterwards???

Have to figure out how to test to make sure I trimmed enough but I think I did. When the pic was taken, suspension had four inches to the bump stop. I took a tape measure, bent it at the 4" mark, and used the rest as a straight edge to the top of the arms above the pivot and it cleared.

Not pictured 'cause I was getting tired -- started figuring out the layout for wiring in additional power outlets.

Got the wires run through the firewall. Tomorrow I'll pickup a fuse holder on my way home and keep on trucking.

Also got the front end greased today.

Held off on rotating the tires -- it was raining all day, and I would've had to be out in the rain to jack up the back of the Jeep :). Looks like Wednesday is my next rain-free day (thus why I figured I'd start working on wiring).

Gotta remember when I have the rear tires off I want to tighten up the parking brake.

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