Saturday, August 5, 2023

Headlight Upgrade

But first...if I sold my house, my car, my Jeep, my tractor...I don't think it would afford this Class A & Gladiator combination :)

Morning started with finishing up installing new headlights, started last night and got super fustrated on the driver side, passenger side went in pretty smoothly.

Later in the morning Cindy came over for a long visit while I puttered around cleaning up the garage.

US Jeeps only come with a vertical adjustment; but they have a spot for a horizontal adjustment for EU regulations -- screws are like $4 so installed them.

The headlight bracket just pulls off; however this one did break one on of the mounting holes from being old and brittle. Fortunately I had a new spare (I can't remember why :)) so after this pick I pulled the old one off and replaced it.

The factory lights, which likely were 14 years old, were pretty anemic. I don't drive that often at night so it hadn't been a priority.

But last road trip I got caught a few times at night and rain that having poor headlights really sucked.

These are J.W. Speaker -- expensive, but as LEDs go I liked the "color" of these so I was happy when I took it for a test drive; they seemed more like more modern halogens than the blue-ish hue of many LEDs.

Debated bringing them up a bit more, maybe another 8" on the school wall -- but I also know I'll have a lot more weight in the back on my trip so for now I'm holding off.

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