Monday, November 9, 2020

08 November 2020 -- Stafford and vicinity

Naming note: I'm an idiot and named November files as "202009xx" instead of "202011xx".

Had to work 8p-9p on Saturday, 4:30a-9:30a (and woke up at 3a and kept myself from falling deep asleep again)...then took off in the Jeep.

Cool house in Ashford.

Cedar Swamp, Crooked S Road, Stafford...what the heck?!

What the heck is that structure complete with a dairy-barn style roof vent in the middle of a marsh? This is probably Connecticut Water land, though the Stafford GIS system is odd that some parcels come up "no data."

Well, had I made it past the bridge last Saturday this is the gate on the other end of that road :D

Off Fenton Road, Stafford which I'm pretty certain I never went down before.

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