Monday, November 9, 2020

24 October 2020 -- Well that isn't good...

Day after being up to midnight or so with the partial DR test at work.

Was too lazy to even put on jeans. Sweatpants are starting to get way to comfortable as everyday wear.

Had to pickup some parts a Dubay's for the tractor...they will leave them on the covered ramp so you don't have to go inside...sweatpants win!

Town Line Road (?) off Armitage in Ashford.

Been wanting to check this out off South Street for a while...

The photo came out really bad, but the only one I have. Finally came across a snowmobile bridge.

Oh...huh...that's weird...hit the pavement and realized I never shifted out of four wheel drive. Reach for the transfer case lever, no resistance on it. Well shit. I probably could figure this out, but I really don't feel like fucking with it today. Hello, AAA?

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