Monday, November 9, 2020

25 October 2020 -- Fixin' the Jeep

#1 goal for the day is to see if I had all the tools and stuff with me that I could have repaired the Jeep on Saturday when a bushing in the transfer case linkage failed. Yes, yes I could.

But first, have to replace the hood release on the tractor and get it out of the way.

Oh, and pour a high ball to sip on while working.

I want my tool kit kept as compact as possible, so eschewed organization for bags that can be as compact as possible.

Eric came over to help and test drive.

Well shoot...not only does the other road in Baker Hollow end at a beaver pond, the road gets darn soft suddenly! I did manage to make it all the way in and out in 2wd though...these tires are impressing me. Never flung mud, but I'm pretty sure the all terrains would have need 4wd.

Looking at old maps and sources, I think this road originally led to "Hatton's Hide-a-way" and skirted a marsh, which beavers have since expanded into a trail block pond. Amazed it wasn't more grown in.

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