Monday, November 9, 2020

October - November Picture Dump

Well that was the most expensive $5 oil filter for the tractor ever...Gearwrench set on sale on the counter at NAPA for $50 off $109.

Finally broke down and bought a three (four?) year old workstation-class PC off Amazon. I knew they were made high quality but my first reaction opening the case was "holy shit, this IS a server!"

Xeon processor, 32GB ram, bought an nVME card and nVME drive to boot from, added wireless/bluetooth adapter.

Still using the old PC for the POCSAG decoding.

This is where I worked pre-Covid ... in winter with snow banks in the back, sometimes I had to park by the road.

Chili with Pineapple! That came out really well!

Oh that bread came out pretty darn nice!

What the hell, it's Halloween!

But it was nice sleeping with the window open nested under a bunch of blankets and pillows :D

Believe it or not...I have made progress cleaning inside. Law of flat surfaces have been in full effect, since if it is a nice day I've generally wanted to work in the garage or go Jeeping.

Um, what did I order? I vaguely remember ordering...

Hey, I have good taste!

Tractor clutch is stuck. I didn't realize, when it was parked for a couple months over the summer till I could get the fuel filter (and missing O-ring) replaced that there is a latch you're supposed to engage to keep the clutch faces from touching. Never had let it sit that much before.

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