Thursday, November 26, 2020


Making my own normal turkey-for-leftovers (and soup stock!)...invited the old folks over and mother actually took me up on the offer. I warned them they'd have to eat at the couch, but Ed figures that is where they usually eat at home anyways.

21-1/2# bird (o_O ... I didn't pay attention when buying), stuffed with a couple oranges. Salt and herb rub applied the night before.

Veggies were carrots, parsnips, rutabaga, butternut squash. Put them in when the turkey had 2 hours left, turkey was done first so I took it out and then turned the veggies up to 425 for another 30 minutes.

Mashed potatoes in the crock pot with chicken stock (which I'll reuse when I crockpot the carcass)

And wild rice I'll use in the soup as well.

Baggies over pot holders were used when I was moving the bird back and forth.

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