Monday, November 9, 2020

07 November 2020 -- Such a sad sight

Naming note: I'm an idiot and named November files as "202009xx" instead of "202011xx".
It is 75 degrees on the 7th of November O_O ... went out late in the afternoon with Eric (it was completely dark by the time we got out).

Came across FJ Cruiser towing out a TJ they found disabled on the trail...such a sad sight :/. Followed them to make sure they got out OK. Oddly, we got much of the way to being out (though going what I'd think would be the tougher route)...and then I guess the TJ made contact with friends who were coming out and said he was all set the towing. :shrug:

TJ had a fuel issue, and without the engine running not great brakes so they were letting it roll down hills so it wouldn't hit the FJ then towing it up them.

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