Monday, August 6, 2012

A good last day of the forty first year...

Dropped off Cindy at the airport earlier, squeezed in most of a day at work, and then worked in the garden for three hours this evening.

Though please note -- if you have a fancy car that has headlights which turn themselves on, and you park it in the shade by the garden, and listen to the radio for two might have trouble starting it afterwards :D

Not a good onion harvest this year -- I didn't do a good job keeping them weeded (plus I don't know how much the relatively dry weather impacted them):

Got the inner garden cleaned up, and planted fall crops today:
-- Lettuce (several kinds)
-- Chard (two kinds)
-- Cabbage
-- Broccoli
-- Peas I have to figure out what to do with cabbage:

What I envision having:

(From Photos by Garth)

What I end up with:

Trying some fishing line, with a hook-n-spring so I can take it down to theory it'll scare off deer who hit the "invisible" line. It's not a hard fence, but we'll see if it deters them from my beans.

I managed to defend these late-season Daylillies successfully against the deer this year (only have one doe and two fawns and they haven't been putting much pressure on me this year compared to some previous deer families I've had!!!)

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