Monday, August 13, 2012

Night full of gastronomic firsts!

Pork steak from Campbell's Farm in Griswold.

First yellow tomatoes I've grown & eaten (that I can remember). Grew them when Mom mentioned she liked then and her father used to grow them. I like 'em -- much milder flavor then the reds.

First coleslaw I've made, from the first cabbage I've successfully harvested.

Pork Steak:
I'm thinking 8 minutes high, flip, 8 minutes medium. This was overcooked, need to play with the time in the future.

One head of cabbage chopped up.
Can of pineapple slices, diced up. Added juice to the mix.
Two apples, one shredded, one diced.
Three carrots, shredded.
One lemon, juiced.
Cains mayonaise, olive oil, red vinegar -- don't really know the amounts or proportions, I just eyeballed it. Whisked together then mixed into the slaw.

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