Monday, August 20, 2012

Tragedy... when you grab the bacon from the fridge to fry it up to add to the tater salad you're making, and realize it's "Use By" date as 2-1/2 months ago.

Thought long and hard on that one since it looked fine, and what can go wrong with properly made bacon? Oh well, didn't use it :(

Taters, tomatoes (Mortgage Lifter I believe), cabbage from my garden. Coleslaw doesn't taste as good as week, but maybe I need to let it cure and cool for a while in the fridge. I also should've diced up the apples and cabbage smaller, and diced up the celery in the potato salad more.


Donna. W said...

Was it stored in the deep freeze? if so, that date meant nothing.

M303871 said...

Did you ever finish your office?

Erik B

Matt said...

Nope Donna -- just the fridge :( Shows you how often I eat bacon; I had bought to packages on a buy one, get one sale.

Erik -- office is still slowly progressing. Probably won't get done till late fall/early winter; at some point I need the time and cash for the wood floors then the rest of the project will fall into place quickly.