Thursday, June 12, 2008


General observations...

-- I've learned the remay cloth comes in different weights, and what I used may be meant more for frost protection. The summer squash (mostly) are doing OK under it; one hill showed some stress, but the pumpkins seemed to have died. Remember we also had brutal early season heat pushing 100º beginning of this week. Maybe too dry to sustain the heat under the cloth plus lack of moisture? Soaker hoses are running for the whole garden, as next rain may be on Saturday; if not then middle of next week.
-- Tomatoes, and most other things, are shooting up like weeds. Seemed to time the 1.5" of rain last week well with the 100º heat and transplanting on them.
-- I'm disappointed with the germination rates of a lot of things -- corn, cukes, bush beans all seem low on germination to me. What did germinate is growing well.
-- The potatoes were under assault from a number of insects, and showing stress on some plants. I did hit them with Rotenone. I looked at the local stores for bacillus thurengis -- v. san diego which is effective on potato beetles but couldn't find it, will need to mail order. Judgement call...but I didn't want to see stressed plants hit by a beetle infestation.
-- I'm worried my sunflowers aren't keeping up with the pole beans, and the front patch hardly any sunflowers have come up above the surface yet. Not good for the plan for the beans to grow up them unless the sunflowers really lay on a growth spurt.
-- Peas were a dud. Dud dud. Got them planted a little late; I've harvested peas late June before, but I think the warmer, drier then usual weather along with late planting just didn't give them a chance. Now the blasted rabbits seem to be eating them, too.

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