Saturday, June 7, 2008

How much do I spend on this garden?

Someone on the tractor board ( asked if anyone tracked the cost of inputs to their garden. Which inspired me to pull together my empty seed packs, receipts, and memory.

This is just a cash basis accounting. Some of the expenses could justifiably be capitalized over several years -- especially the big ones. The manure keeps on giving, since I use it to build up my poor soil. The strawberries are perennials, and the remay cloth will last several seasons. Some of the seeds -- like the sunflowers bought as bird seed for $1/lb will last several years.

The flowers count as vegetable garden expenses as I use them to encourage bees and other pollinators.

There are some expenses difficult to figure, such as gas for going to the co-op and Agway; or the electricity running the well pump when irrigating.

Bachelor Button, seed pack, $1.49
Beans, Gold Crop Wax Bush, seed pack, $1.29
Beans, Kentucky Wonder Green Pole, seed pack, $1.29
Beans, Kentucky Wonder Yellow Pole, seed pack, $1.49
Beans, Tendergreen Bush, seed pack, $1.29
Brocolli, 1 -- 6 pack, $2.00
Cauliflower, 1 -- 6 pack, $2.00
Cherry Peppers, 1 -- 6 pack, $2.00
Corn, Early Sunglow, seed pack, $1.89
Corn, Peaches & Cream, seed pack, $1.49
Corn, Silver Queen, 1/4 Pound, $3.50
Cucumber, Pioneer, seed pack, $1.69
Cucumber, Straight 8, seed pack, $1.49
Eggplant, 1 -- 6 pack, $2.00
Larkspur, seed pack, $1.49
Lettuce, 2 -- 6 packs, $4.00
Lettuce, Black Seeded Simpson, 2 seed packs, $1.59
Lettuce, Four Seasons, seed pack, $1.00
Marigolds, 3 seed packs, $3.00
Potatoes, Mixed Seed, 5lbs, $2.50
Pumpkin, CT Field, seed pack, $1.49
Squash, Blue Hubbard, seed pack, $1.69
Squash, Dark Green Zucchini, seed pack, $1.59
Squash, Goldbar, seed pack, $2.69
Strawberries, Everbearers, 50, $26.23
Strawberries, Junebearers, 2 -- 6 packs, $4.00
Sunflower, Black Oil Seed, 1 pound, $1.00
Sunflower, Grey Stripe, 1 pound, $1.00
Sunflower, Teddy Bear, seed pack, $1.49
Tomatoe, mixed six packs, 4 -- 6 packs, $8.00
Tomatoe, Longkeeper Seeds, 1 pack, $3.50
100' x 5' Remay Cloth, 25' Trellis, $61.46,
Manure, Load, $60.00

Total cash expense to date: $212.63

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