Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Beware of the EPA Light Bulb Police

Brilliant rant by Rep. Poe on the floor of the House:

Maybe I'm tinged from being burnt by being an "early adopter" of the CFLs. What I found was they put off a poor quality of light -- I'd wear stained shirts to the office because the stains weren't apparantent in the light put off by CFLs at home. When I took them out of the house and put them in the garage, they caused interference so I couldn't listen to my favorite NPR station anymore when working in the garage.

One of the worse wastes of money in my life.

If the government does such incredible stupidity as mandating the phase out of incandescent bulbs, I'll be purchasing a life time supply of GE Reveal bulbs in advance. They're terrific!

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