Thursday, May 4, 2023

Jeep Mattress

Actually bought this privacy shelter (Green Elephant Utilitent) before I took my big trip out west. Finally set it up once to see how it works :D

Trying to see if I can get a comfortable "coyote camping" set up for the Jeep -- what is the minimal amount of stuff I need to be comfortable. Partly because I'd like to camp on the next trip out west, but not necessarily carry the big tent for the time it takes to set up and take down as well as the space it takes up in the Jeep.

The big tent is great if I plan to be at a base camp for a few days, not for overnight and get moving early in the morning.

Bought this foam mattress made for the Jeep. There is actually a piece for the driver's side, but I've already determined I don't need to fold down the driver's side rear seat to be comfortable. This takes up I think less volume than my roll-up self inflating mattress, and probably is a much easier shape to pack around.

Have an event with the Jeep club on the 13th I'll probably try camping at. I'll get the rest of the camping stuff I need into this coming weekend.

My biggest challenge right now is getting my bedding (sheets & especially blankets) as compact as I'd like without taking a risk and buying some really expensive camping quilts that pack up super small -- like which I can get good for 40° and fit in a 13.5"x7" stuff sack. Couple that with a couple other layers like a woobie, etc. I should have some good flexibility.

Update: Was looking around Amazon, and while there where synthetic quilts for around ~$70 (high end for Amazon) they still had mixed reviews. But googling a bit more led me back to Enlightened Equipemnt which turns out has a synthetic line for less than half the price of natural down. That I was willing to pull the trigger on this morning: I know I like a warm bed (camping I often end up wearing socks and sweatpants for extra warmth), so I went with the 30º one which is a bit larger at 17.5"x8" stuff sack.

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