Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Memorial Day weekend progress

Continued doing some test fitting over Memorial Day weekend and beyond.

(Monday set up Ed's computer and went to Nick & Thin's party)

This is the camping quilt in it's "storage bag" it should be in when not on trips...

And this is it compacted up. First time getting it in the bag was sort of like wrestling a greased pig :D Very slippery, probably to help get it stuffed in small; future I think the key will be to use cinch straps (sort of didn't realize it came with one) to help wrangler it smaller before feeding the bag.

Saturday kept plugging away on small things on the Jeep -- neatend up some the USB wires and such taping them down and hiding them better along the top of the dash.

The new "hook" for the microphone is just a Nite Ize heavy-duty reusable twist tie that I cut the end off and made into a hook. It wraps around the mount for the ham radio head and is taped down. Has been working perfect!

Yeah, things could look better but I figure with the Jeep neatness counts more than beauty.

Bought an umbrella that clamps on to my chair for some portable shade in the desert, etc.

My main camping box that has my stove, cookware, dishes, fire tending stuff, etc.

Woobie, quilt, and camping pillow fit in a grocery bag. Ordered a fleece sleeping bag liner I'll use for a sheet since it seems to pack up smaller than my regular fleece sheets. Between these and being able to wear sweat pants and a long sleeve tee shirt or sweat shirt that should give me a lot of options through the temperature ranges well down into the 40s.

Bought a sticker with my ham radio call sign, and another saying I'm listening on one of the national ham radio calling frequencies.

Then mounted them on magnetic backing so I can take them on and off -- fit in the bumper perfect where you could put optional lights...

Except I also ratchet-strapped my recovery boards to the spare -- and they perfectly cover them :/

I've never had a need for them. What I know of my 4x4 with front and rear lockers I am hard pressed to imagine what I would need them for...but I own them and somehow I'll end up taking a big trip without them and needing them...

I guess they'll do on the lower drivers side of the bumper...

Ok, I'll probably still keep playing with the organization a bit...but this is most of what I need.

Need another grocery bag of actual groceries, and put my chair in.

The red gas can on the bottom I have a strap-mount on order that will let me put it on the tire; but I'll probably carry it out west and back inside to minimize the risk of theft. These "RotoPax" gas cans and accessories are really cool and high quality but expensive as fuck.

Got the National Park stickers on. Basic standard is they're in the order I passed through an entrance gate. Don't recall one for Capitol Reef. Didn't do Canyonlands because we might have been in bits and pieces but never through the gate.

Next trip we'll pickup Canyonlands, Bryce Canyon, Zion in Utah and maybe the north rim of the Grand Canyon in Arizona and/or Black Canyon in Colorado.

Time to move some trailers around...no messing around :D

Tuesday...camera filters a lot out but if you look in the distance you can see the brownish haze; it is smoke from a forest fire in Nova Scotia that is getting blown out to sea and sucked clockwise by a high pressure system and pumped into New England from the southeast!

Smelled "plastic fire" sort of; wonder if it was essentially picking up pollutants so you smell stuff you normally don't.

And with the chair inside.

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