Sunday, May 21, 2023

Well, I had a half a productive day...

Got going early on Saturday ahead of a heavy rain storm that was predicted (3-4", think we ended up with 1.5" here but the Taylor Swift concert in Foxboro got absolutely drenched).

Couple trips to Harbor Freight in Willimantic, because they had both size ammo cans in stock unlike Dayville was showing online. Once I knew the 50 cal size was the right one went back for more; and then took the Fusion to Putnam for an oil change and tire rotate.

So two things came together here.

First, after the tire change last weekend realized I wanted to pull the trigger on some [Safe Jack]( accessories for my jacks to make them...safer. And also more verstaile.

Second, while I had the jacks in an electrician's bag and another kept my miscellaneous oils and parts and stuff...I would like a way to store them that they could be outside in the dew / rain when camping to make more room inside the Jeep.

Packed the main kit so the 6 ton jack is mostly upright -- I think that should keep it from leaking, or at least not leaking any worse than standing up (not that it currently leaks).

Boxes re-organized. Still have some more stuff to put in them, but it was about 1pm at this point and I was getting hungry -- I had skipped breakfast in addition to the shower!

LOL...of course since hte seats lean backwards you can't stack the boxes up square :D

I figure these can also act as "sand bags" if I'm somewhere with a tent (or the pop-up outhouse/shower) that I can't peg it down.

So the down side of heading out early on Saturday, I'm thinking I didn't take a shower -- which usually means I didn't take my morning pills, which means this time of year I probably didn't take my Claritin. Which would explain why I desperately wanted a nap by Saturday afternoon and still felt out of sorts on Sunday even after a shower and pills :(

So didn't get much else done, but then as I'm typing this up with one of my usual YouTube channels on TV I look up and I'm like, "I've stayed at that hotel!" (I knew they had to be near Richfield from the route they were on, then they mentioned the city name as I was thinking the hotel looked familiar!)

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