Wednesday, May 10, 2023

Mulch Day!

Used to have a co-worker who had annual mulch week off. Joked I was taking today as a Mulch Day...but wouldn't be doing mulch.

Well...I kind of eventually did.

Was one of those days that oddly I was both on the go all day and actually felt like I accomplished stuff.

Harbor Freight run, checked with Norm on my tire (good news, didn't need a new tire I had just gouged the layer of white rubber they put on for raised white lettering tires), ran back and had them replace my spare tire that had cracks in the treads with a better tire I had, four (4!) runs to the dump (and I'll probably do two more on Friday), then spent a couple hours forking away much of the remaining pile of logs I bought in 2017 before I knew just how bad my knees were.

I'm at the point I'll need to switch to the bucket to clean up for a bit, then fork a few last logs away, then finish with the bucket. But progress!

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