Sunday, May 7, 2023

More Jeep work...

Plugged away in the garage quite a bit on Sunday. Cleaned up a bunch of stuff, then went on to miscellaneous Jeep stuff.

Even went to use the mower, but the battery is dead -- had the little NOCO jump kit but it claimed polarity reverse (I think they battery is just to dead -- when I ran it dry of gas last year I must've forgotten to go out and turn the ignition off). I'll have to charge up and lug out the big jump box.

As I was organizing stuff, found these two WAY out of where I would've ever looked. They'll go in the bottom of the tool bag where I would expect them.

Fluids and "stuff"...still have some work sorting and organzing this. Keeps everything from WD-40 to duct tape to rags to contractor grade garbage bags.

Checked the spare tire to find the leak -- the outside bead is leaking like a sieve. I suspect it was low so often that road grime got in and made it worse. I'll stop to see Norm this week; I suspect he'll make me get a new tire (or two) to replace the one that has sidewall damage. If that happens I'll probably put the "not good enough to drive long distances" tire on as the spare.

Put the tools for fixing the Sunrider top gasket in the Jeep. Haven't tried the blue tool yet, I think it'll work as-is; worse case I'll have to narrow up the wheel a bit.

Had lunch (at 3pm) and went back out to size up the license plate light to make things legal.

Was going to splice into the tail lamp harness, then started thinking I'd hate to cut the factory stuff if I could just make an "extension cord" between the two connectors and tap that.

It took a lot of Googling trying to find the right connectors. The ones I'm pretty sure but not 100% sure would've been $120+ o_O ... then I found a kit to wire in a trailer plug for $75 from e-trailer. Ok, we're getting somewhere. Then found the $22 version on Amazon which should be "good enough" -- more wires than I need, but I can cut this down to just what I need.

And the grommet for the brake light, the wires are molded in :/ So I'll try very carefully drilling a couple holes for the license plate lamp wires and use silicone to seal them if it works.

So while I probably won't get this completed this week, at least I have a plan and stuff on order to finish getting it wired in.

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