Sunday, April 30, 2023

Bit more work on the Jeep

Finished up the passenger side cleaning.

And took it out (in a heavy rain :D) and to the car wash. Hoping later this week I can start working one area at a time clay barring and ceramic coating; this might end up being a summer long project.

Oh so nice -- I'll always be able to hear the ham radio clearly now; much louder than the built-in speaker and very good sound quality; reminds me of the Motorola speakers and other top-tier public safety speakers I was used to in the fire company.

5,889 miles since I got home from the big trip in 2021, which was 8,7534 miles long.

Actually took the pic 'cause I need to remember to update my maintenance log in the Jeep.

And I no longer have a sweatshirt and pair of sweatpants rolled up placed loosely on the center console to support my arm :)

And gonna add this to the next Amazon order. I was doing my 2-3x a year re-seating the gasket for the flip top. I think the heat in the sun works it out over time. Today I found a nice piece of 1/4"x1/4" wood that I filed the end smooth and used for extra reach -- but as I was doing it I was thinking something like the rolling wheel for repairing window screens would be good, but that tool would be too sharp. Googled a bit and found these tools used for the gasket used on commercial windows:

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