Saturday, May 13, 2023

Wheeling at the Farm 2023

More photos to follow...but first verified my Spot still works for tracking :)

At least Search & Rescue will have a last 10 minute location if I go missing while it's on. Going to try a new way to mount it to the A-pillar in the Jeep and see if I still get good coverage.

(And videos! But I don't feel like processing them tonight :) )

Owned the Jeep for 3-1/2 years, finally realized the GPS has a memory when I wasn't looking forward to entering the address of The Farm again...**sigh** bottom one should be the destination :)

Heading out on the Green run. Small group this year, several who signed up had to back out for various reasons. Sean in the lead, me tailgunning.

Jeeping the old fashion know with GPS, Ham Radio, iPad, GMRS radios, cameras, etc.

After lunch Raj left. Sean, Me, and Jerry headed down one of the long green trails to map it better and see how much work it would be to turn a short blue section green in order to make a complete loop that is (a) Green and (b) Stock Friendly for future years. The main green isn't bad, but once it goes blue it got rough. But my guess is there is only a couple stones that look like they may be challenges to work around -- a lot of the rest is maybe trimming turns wider, pulling a few smaller diff grabbing stones that should winch out, and half a dozen stumps that could be cut down so you could roll a tire over them.

I don't mind talking people over obstacles, I don't want to body damage something like a stock Sahara.

*sigh*...the mechanic who does most of the work on my Jeep is an idiot. I'm the mechanic who does most of the work. After 3 years finally had the right combination to hit a sway bar bolt I put in backwards and destroyed a tire. I was hugging a stump and it pushed everything just right.

So got through that section and to a "rough" Green that required a lot of manuevering around large stumps. God as my witness, I thought I was completely clear and had a decent head of steam up when I saw my front fender go flying. I knock it loose once or twice a year, this stripped right off. I think it got "squeezed" where by tire was clearing a stump just fine, but it didn't.


Analyzing the situation the next morning, it was clear that top bolt was the culprit :/

So Sunday afternoon a new tool arrived -- playing with a magnet mount, solar-rechargeable, wireless backup camera but using it on the front bumper as a cheap trail cam:

Playing with it on the rock slider:

Time to build a better/easier holder for my Spot X than rubber bands. Also, the iPhone sure got confused by the LEDs indicating the backup camera (just sitting on my dash for reasons) was charging...that's definitely not the normal LED blue color they have.

Had some really dense cardboard they use for wrapping metal corners and stuff in shipping boxes.

Some of it was structural electrical, but then I put a decorative layer around it so it would be all black. Realized later I should've also wrapped the very top edge.

Piece of velcro to hold in place aroudn the tweeter on the dash.

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