Saturday, April 29, 2023

Jeep Inventory 2023

Worked 4+ hours just cleaning and organizing the Jeep (hasn't had a good cleaning since before Moab). Tomorrow will be another round...was feeling really sore and not moving well in the afternoon then I realized I just got up and started doing stuff this morning and never took a shower, which meant I never took my morning Advil :/

Part 1 of...I don't know how many :D

Screwdriver Bag:

-- Trim Removal Tool
-- Milwaukee small pry bar
-- Flathead Screwdrivers
-- Phillips Screwdrivers
-- Driver & Bit Set

Brush & Stuff Bag

-- Brushes
-- Hose Clamps
-- Baling Wire
-- Zip Ties

1/4" Ratchet Bag

-- 1/4" Ratchet
-- 1/4" Socket set (Metric & SAE)
-- 1/4" Extension
-- 1/4" U-joint

3/8" SAE Bag

3/8" Specialty Bag

-- Spark Plug
-- Torx
-- Hex
-- Flat & Phillips screw driver

3/8" Metric Bag

-- 3/8" Ratchet
-- 3/8" Extensions
-- 3/8" U-Joint
-- 3/8" Metric sockets

1/2" Bag

-- 1/2" Ratchet
-- 1/2" Extensions
-- 1/2" U-Joint
-- 1/2" 19MM sockets
-- 1/2" 36MM Axle Nut socket
-- 1/2" Metric & SAE Sockets

Not pictured here is a set of lug nut sockets, multiple sizes to deal with swollen sockets.

Tool Bag Bottom & Inside Pockets:

Recovery Bag Stuff:

-- Two soft shackles
-- 20' Static Strap
-- 30' Static Strap
-- Tree Saver
-- 7/8" Kinetic Recovery Rope
-- Velcro winch line protective sleeve

Since picture was taken, the hard shackle and pulley have been relocated out of the bag to save weight.

Eletrical Bag:

Grips Bag -- misc. stuff for electrical, rigging cameras, tape, etc.

Tire Patch Kit

Rope Fid tool -- now stored with the SAE wrenches.

Metric Wrenches

SAE Wrenches & Fid

U-Joint Tool

Some new stuff for the bottom of the bag --

-- Mechanics Hammer
-- C-Clamp (from the tools I got from Ed from his dad)
-- Punch & Chisel Kit

There's no way I'm lugging that in and out of the Jeep when it is fully loaded up :D
But having many of the tools in the zipper bags & rolls, I can put the on the seat as I dig for what I need.

Snap ring pliers

"Floor tools" to big to fit in a bag --

-- 25" 1/2" Breaker Bar
-- Extendable 1/2" Breaker Bar
(Noticed while working on the Jeep earlier in the month the 25" doesn't really clear inside the wheel wells easily; the extanble one was in my tool box, I think I got it from Ed.
-- Pry bar
-- Dead Blow hammer

Kind of blends in, but the Tire Kit is underneath the driver's seat.

Hard Points

-- Logging Chain in case I need to wrap around something sharp. I definitely wouldn't trust it for kinetic recovery.
-- Shackles -- these are high-grade ones.
-- Pulley rated for synthetic rope

Shackles will go under the tool kit, this will keep them from rattling against each other.

Rest goes under rear seat; will add the tow hitch here too.

All tucked away :)

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