Thursday, April 6, 2023

The Axle Saga Continues...

Made some progress at lunch and after work...but then started getting frustrated. turns out the original speed sensor doesn't fit the new bearing.

This wasn't an issue on the driver's side since I had replaced it already (twice I believe)

Speed sensor has a harness connector behind the shock tower. Which for me means taking off the fender liners :/

It's held in place by a couple "xmas tree" plastic connectors that come on the new harness. So I popped it out for easier to work on.

I got frustrated trying to take it apart. Came inside to research more.

Found this great site -- and quickly found the connector!
Pretty sure looking at the photo now, what I was missing is it looks like a little black tab by the blue & white part that I need to lift up now that the red lock is pushed back. (Or push down much harder back by the big red tab; it looks like a see-saw design.)

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