Sunday, April 9, 2023

Axles are In

Made some progress on Saturday until it was time to go to Hollis' 40th.

Got the new speed sensor finished up, got the fender liner back in.

This worked pretty good, held the brake down and was able to **almost** torque the axle nut.

I did have to use the old fashion pry bar against lug nuts though to do the final bit to get the ratchet to click.

This whole odyessey began last September with me going, "Gee even if I winch over that gate keeper obstacle, it's going to remove what remains of my beat up factory plastic bumper..."

So we have this bad boy.

I actually ordered a different one first, realized looking at the description again the next day the hitch wasn't tow rated o_O but was "accesories only". Turned out this is an even better, US built one on sale for like $400 off so it was only $50 more. It is capable of getting a tire carrier.

Tuesday is supposed to be a really nice day, so planning to take it off. Cross fingers I can get the differential threads fixed up so the Jeep at least is back on the road.

And maybe start working on mounting the bumper. Thank goodness I have a tractor with forks to help get it where I can just slide it in where it needs to go :)

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