Saturday, April 1, 2023

Axles & Decals

Continuing to make progress...

It's Saturday and the Garage Bar is open at 11:30...don't worry, I sipped on it all afternoon so I maintained sobriety ;)

Sigh...guess I'll only do one side today. I'll run to NAPA Sunday morning and get a 2 replacement bearing bolts so I don't get stuck on a trail repair someday. Didn't notice until I was getting ready to re-install and I cleaned the bolts off.

Bearings on! Liberal application of anti-sieze -- I'll be damned if I ever want to sledge hammer off a rotor ever again.

Narrator: It was at this moment he realized he done messed up.

Go back and look at the last pic, I put the brake dust shield so it blocked the brakes :/ Time to dis-assemble and re-assemble.

Had to press the brakes back in, this is from Ed's Dad's tools -- I'll be adding it to my mobile kit to make sure I always have one.

Ok, can't finish the other bearing. Don't want to work on the diff until the axles are both definitely done. Let's work on some bling -- got a few more Jeep Badge of Honor awards and new hood decals.

First let's really clean up the work area -- bug & tar remover, detailing spray, clay bar it.

And then a 3M Eraser Wheel to remove the decals:

Not perfect, but heck it's a Jeep and I'm not perfect :) But close enough you'd have to look pretty close to see I might be off an 1/8" from getting the new row centered where I wanted.

So when I brought my Jeep last year to Ocean State Off Road to have the skid plates installed, the story the desk guy told me was when the tech dropped the factory transmission skid and saw the red dirt collected in it he exclaimed, "This Jeep's been places!" and went around the shop showing other techs.

And I decided my Jeep finally found it's name!

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