Tuesday, April 11, 2023

Axle is Done!

Took the day off, it was gorgeous. Not a lot of photos from today.

But the differential is back together and filled up, and driver's side tire is on.

Turns out the "helicoils" I thought were backing out was actually a copious amount of gasket maker shaped into threads looking like a spring o_O.
Wanted to get the new bumper out of the way, which meant using the tractor. Bought the step stool last fall, finally set it up today -- had an old shower organizer in the scrap pile I snagged to make the handle.

This made it much easier on my knees to get up in the tractor, and with the handle I can just move it out of the way while still in the tractor seat. Gotta figure out a way to mount it on the backhoe area so I can grab it to have with me when working around the place.

The moment you realize just back out from under the vehicle...

Ended up resetting everything so the jackstands were as low as possible then I lifted the body again to give me more room to work.

A very incomplete list of next priorities:

-- Passenger front tire has a leak. Want to see if I can find and patch it myself.
-- Need to top up the rear diff (still need to replace the seal)
-- Want to vacuum the interior before I start re-loading my Jeep tools into it.

Then maybe I'm finally ready to start driving it for a bit...before it is time for the next round of work :D

-- Headlights
-- Need to wire in the license plate light
-- Remove old rear bumper
-- Install new rear bumper
-- Remove old sway bar
-- Install RockJock sway bar
-- Have a new winch line on order. I plan to replace the current one, but keep it as a winch extension. I'm just concerned about it's age and shape.

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