Saturday, August 29, 2020

29 August 2020 -- Shocks & More (Start)

Spent an hour before before the rain moved in just doing light cleaning / organizing before pulling the Jeep in. Then I felt a drip on my arm, "Huh, I'm not under a leak in the roof, and it's not raining..." Feel my cap, it's saturated with sweat. WTF o_O. It's not hot; look at the weather service site: 72 degrees, dew point is 70, RH 93%. Ok, that explains it :). Even with the fan on my most of the time!

So plan is:
1) Shock Absorbers
2) Steering Stabilizer
3) Tie Rod (needed new ends anyway to be aligned)
4) Since good shocks that will work with the lift I'd like to do next year are good for 1.5-4" lift and I couldn't find any for 0-2.5" lift, I could either buy some Monroe shocks and replace them next year...or buy the Fox shocks and throw in a cheap spacer lift kit. So we'll put in a spacer kit :)
5) Not sure if I'll do it now or in a few weeks, but the front diff needs new seals
6) While I have the diff open for the seals, I have a heavy duty diff cover to install
7) It is also due for an oil change and tire rotation.
8) Oh, and extended stainless steel brake lines. Rough Country ones, only because all the other brands were sold out...but even RC stainless should be far better than any rubber.

I'm loving Baby Yoda peeking out.

Top of the shock sad :D That saved me a fair bit more ratcheting with a Gearwrench in a very tight space.

Stud cleaning kit, which seemed to do a real good job (already did the tie rod on the other side). Now if I just hadn't done the drag link instead of tie rod by mistake :D

Wet shop towel to protect the drag link end and speed sensor cable. Took a MAPP torch to the tie rod end, hit it with penetrating fluid, and the Milwaukee impact wrench popped it right off (and I don't have the powerful Milwaukee!). So far haven't needed to break out my air impact hammer.

Huh, I have a broken spring!

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