Monday, August 3, 2020

03 July 2020 -- Forgot how much I explored!

I forgot how much I covered this day!

Are those Longhorns in Hampton?

Looks like they're doing a bit of grading in Natchaug on roads I was whining about lack of basic care of earlier this year.

Nosed into this interesting looking trail. Was a bit tight for a modern Jeep.

Exploring a bit on trails in Nipmuc that the gate is open (and I've never seen closed). Really would like to go deeper, but figured alone and without a winch discretion was important.

I seriously doubt Bear Den Road is actually private. Especially that sign on a DEP gate. I'm hoping it's just for dead oak trees, this section of Nipmuc (which the main entrance is off of Skopec Road complete with a Welcome sign behind a newly installed, locked gate) is currently closed.

Old Mashpaug Road

Alone and no winch. This seems to be a theme. Have I mentioned I have the new-to-me steel bumper and winch sitting in my garage?

The other fork

Coming in from the other direction

Last time I remember being down here, the bridge wasn't fit for ATVs to cross. It was probably a 1930s maybe 1950s era wood deck that had collapsed by the 1990s.

You know, I've nosed up this way a few times before but I guess signs had me convinced it was closed...but I think I was wrong. No gates, no signs, and a good portion adjoins state wildlife management area.

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