Saturday, August 29, 2020

22 May 2020 -- Front U-Joints and other stuff

So per Sorel's, need new U-Joints. Google that, watch the videos. I can handle this.

Plus being 10 years old there is some other stuff like plugs I'd like to do.

That was an odd the previous night. It was not smoking when I left to get an ice coffee :)

Oh, this is going to be fun...

Ok, got the axle nut off (and new ones ordered), let's get the bearing bolts out.

Well...OK, the threads are in the bearing that is coming out and I have new bearings anyway since at 60,000 I might as well replace them while I have all the labor in getting to the u-joints.

Meanwhile (I dunno, maybe I'm soaking the other side?)...let's start working on the sparking plugs. Looks like the easiest way on the passenger side is remove the battery box / air filter.

Hood flipping all the way back and resting on a towel sure is handy!

This work was over a couple weeks...birds had fun with the paper towels.

So I got the driver side axle out. Tried to push it out myself...wasn't happening. Brought it to the machine shop and he went straight to a torch on it.

Cold Air, intake...pulled this off and replaced it with a factory box that is far, far, vastly less vulnerable to taking in water when fording puddles. I'll put this on Craigslist, because for someone who doesn't go off road it looks cool.

God...I ended up having to hammer off all four wheels (and rotors, etc.).

So at the end of the day (or last couple weekends...) I wasn't able to slide the driver's side axle back in. I was unable to *budge* any of the bolts for the passenger side bearing, and previously scheduled it to go to Sorel' I'll let them figure out the axle. Put the old bearing back on the driver's side and had it flatbedded to Sorel's.

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