Thursday, August 20, 2020

13 August 2020 -- Morning

So morning started at Sorel's at 8am to get the suspension checked. Verdict was shocks could be replaced, the steering stabilizer had some damage so was questionable, and the tie rod ends needed to be replaced before alignment. The rest of the suspension components seemed tight.

So decided to cruise a bit afterwards...let's try Axe Factory Road.


C Road, Woodstock. I've only nosed down here before, heck mostly know about it due to a CT State Forest management plan that included that they wanted to put gates up on it (ten years ago...)

Well, shit again.

I was so close :D

I think these roads were open until circa 2005; I never was up them. But damn that looks in real good shape if it's not been used for 15 years.

This is from the north side of that same complex. Again, while the stones have been there for a while that road sure looks in good shape (and obvious motorcycle/ATV bypasses)

This should be the connector road (possibly Taylor Road) shown on some maps:

Let's try L Road in Sturbridge. Poked in from the north side before but it looked real rough -- which it would be in mud and water seasons. Would be real fun in a Jeep in those seasons.

North end, let's turn around!

Probably need a hitch rack to get the tires out...hmmmm

Stopped at Lapsley's on the way home and picked up some veggies for lunch :)

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