Thursday, February 27, 2020

Map Resources

Topographic Maps:

After nearly 20 years online, it seems UNH has largely abandoned their online historic topographic map site and now directs you to the Internet Archive to retrieve them:

In theory those are available direct from the USGS Historic Topographic Map system...but I find navigating that a circle jerk where they just keep saying they're available, there's information here...and rotates through several sites none of which have obvious links to the maps.

Highway Maps:
ConnDOT Town Highway Maps:

Environmental Maps:
CT Environmental Conditions Online:
This has a variety of interesting maps (soil, DEEP property, orthography) but perhaps most interesting is the Protected Open Space

Historical Maps:
RI Historical Cemeteries ... which helps show some historic development patterns (like the 1750-ish cemeteries along Shetucket Turnpike long before the turnpike was built!)

Connecticut Historic Aerial Photography:
Massachusetts Historic Aerial Photography:
Rhode Island Historic Aerial Photography:

Fenton River Park, indicating going straight is NOT a private way:

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