Sunday, February 9, 2020

CT RI Borderlands

So I met up with a jeep club...found them on Sunday, happened to be their next run was on Saturday :)

Lest I be accused of burying the lede, let's just skip to the good part, asking the question, "Can you Ford a puddle in a Jeep?":

Ryuk just barely touched the "You must be this tall to ride" line...I was the only Jeep without a lift or larger than 32" tires. (One other Jeep may not have a lift, but definitely better tires).

Heading out

Ok, we're entering the first of two "bucket list" roads that I had never ventured on before. Never went down them with dad, I nosed into both from both ends over the years and nope'd out...thinking if I ever had a very dry summer or very cold (but not snowy) winter and a reliable vehicle I would try them.

You can't slap the grin off my face I got to go down these roads. I'd be shocked if my Dad hadn't done them with his older Scouts.

After this point I didn't take many photos in motion since I needed to concentrate more. This one did initially stop me and I had to back up a little and engage the rear lockers for the first time outside of testing :)

The middle of nowhere. Seriously, the nearest line is not a road, it's a border :D

It was only afterwards I had time to mount a new holder for my phone so I can take snaps / movies much more easily.

Some from Facebook:

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