Monday, September 23, 2013

What I planted in 2013

From seed at least as I go through my packets at year end...

Cucumber Pioneer Hybrid (like all my luck with cukes, little if anything...I think I got two zukes total this year again :( )
Cucumber Sumter
Bean -- Kentucky Wonder Pole
Butternut -- Waltham
Pea -- Knight
Pumpkin -- Connecticut Field
Squash -- Scallop Blend ...meh
Spaghetti Squash -- oh most definitely!
Summer Squash -- Golden Girl Yellow Zucchini ...definitely!
Summer Squash -- Early Prolific
Zucchini Obsidian

That may be about it..cabbages, tomatoes, peppers, eggplants, broccoli (bolted), and cauliflower (never flowered?!) were all from transplants. And taters of course, but darn if I can remember what varieties.

African Daisy
Alyssum Royal Carpet (don't think these came up)
Bachelor Buttons
Larkspur Giant Imperial
Lupine Russel Strain
Marigold Cracker Jack Mix
Marigold Petite
Nastrium Tall Single Mix
Snapdragon First Ladies
Zinnia Thumbelina
Zinnia Lilliput Pom Pom

Ferry Morse Perennial Wildflower Sunny Meadow Mix
Livingston Seed Wildflower Butterfly Mix

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