Sunday, September 29, 2013

Crock potting away

So for years I've used a great little 1 quart crockpot Karen bought me for Christmas(or Birthday?) years ago...and that's still good for a single meal or two, or as I most often use to make my yogurt.

In winter I can slow cook stuff on the woodstove. But it'll be a couple months before I can keep a fire going all day.
So I splurged and bought an $19 or however ridiculously cheap they are crock pot at Walmart a few weeks ago. These are one of those things that prove price is not related to cost compared to how many other things I end buying that I know take a lot less materials and even time to make.

This weekend I cooked up a Pot Roast on Saturday:

And Sunday was clam I should be all set for the week (and probably need to freeze some stuff up!):

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