Saturday, September 14, 2013

The gardening continues...

By far and away, the best overall year I've ever had!

Today's pics:

And a couple days ago...still eating garden 'maters:

I also made my first bread in a while -- I've been nursing a sourdough starter from scratch for the last three weeks (after the one I tried in July failed from neglect). Mix of King Arthur bread flour and Graham Flour from Kenyon's Grist Mill. The taste and texture wasn't much different from the conventional yeast breads I've made, so I have to research a bit how to make it "fluffier."

I've also finally remembered to buy some lemons & lime -- I love the 4C flavorings, but I've been wanting to get away from the artificial sweeteners more. Picked up this pitcher for $9 and it includes a steeping tube that I put spearmint from the garden in. Plus a bit of Truvia for sweetness. Works well...usually when I pour a glass (about half of it, I use a big glass :) ) I refill. Looks like I should get two days from each half a lime/lemon...which actually would be pretty cost competitive with the 4C tubes even on sale.

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