Saturday, September 14, 2013

Time for Timer...

I had forgotten about these "PSAs" until they were mentioned in a you-might-be-a-Gen-Xer post...

...but holy heck, talk about undermining good nutrition. At least viewed from today's post-Michael Pollan world.

Who wrote these? I know they ran on ABC. But this is USDA propaganda at it's finest -- encourage kids to eat crackers (which will break down into sugar almost immediately) and cheese for a snack. Classic Fat, Sugar, and Salt! I'll point out in the later adds, he basically dances over fruit before suggesting just about everything else.

Hey, let's eat anything, at anytime of day -- because, you know, its quicker to make a peanut butter sandwich then to pour milk over cereal!

Hey, I'm going to dance all over a bowl full of fruit and tell you instead to freeze (presumably sweetened) juice as a snack!

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