Saturday, August 13, 2022

Shenandoah - Rausch Creek Trip August 6th

Saturday...time to head to Pennsylvania.

90% humidity. 50% chance each hour of showers/t-storm. Decided it wasn't worth hoping the tent would dry off so I just bundled it up and hoped it would do OK in the back of the Jeep for two days.

I set it up in the garage on Monday evening, packed it back in the case on Saturday. Seems to have not mildewed/smelled. Cross fingers.

Keep wondering if this will be OK for a long trip -- the frame is so bulky it's not something I could bring in a hotel room or throw on cool only in a laundromat dryer like I could a conventional tent.

Drove over the Chambersburg Pike to Gettysburg, just like the Army of Northern Virginia.

First buggy siting!

This is getting into the Lebanon Valley Amish settlements.

Town I stayed in seemed to be an outpost of West Virginia in Pennsylvania, and not the more prosperous areas of WV...

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