Sunday, August 21, 2022

Of drought and sockets...

It's a bit dry out there...

West Thompson is probably historically low and dropping 1.5" per day or so.

I believe the rainfall is based on a October-to-October year? Not exactly sure but I don't believe they use a calendar year for their reservoir management.

Mashamoquet Brook at Pomfret Landing:

West Thompson Dam:

Um, I'm not in Utah...why is this looking like Lake Powell!?

Swung by last Sunday and the ramp was still open.

Not drought related, just kind of a cool building in North Grosvenordale by Red Bridge Road.

And a cool barn I saw, don't normally drive this direction on the rare times I drive this road. Was headed to get sweet corn at Blackmer's farm.

Coming through Putnam...forgot it was car show day, and sweet Jesus I didn't realize how big it is now. My pictures don't do it justice.

Shoulder has really been bothering my since PT on Wednesday, like really bothering. I've been doing some dishes and laundry this afternoon.

But I also put the sockets I keep in the Jeep on some fairly inexpensive rails I found on Amazon. Took my Dremel tool and cut them in half so they would fit in my bags.

I probably can clean up the sockets more if I wanted. Do I really need a 9/16" 1/4" drive? Or both six point and twelve point sockets for many of the 3/8" drive SAEs?

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