Monday, August 1, 2022

Shenandoah - Rausch Creek Trip 2022

New toilet design...I have the "briefcase" design, but that takes up a lot of space even folded. The bucket (a) can have stuff inside; (b) you can add a second bucket with minimum extra space; (c) you can use the bucket for other things, like gathering firewood or wash water.

Had some bubble wrap I put around tomatoes & nectarines to protect them a bit. I'll get ice in the morning and put them in the cooler then.

Ok, the "clean up" supplies organized in a bag. Have "Wag Bags" to use in them which comes with a enzyme (?) kit you put in after pooping and before throwing in the trash.

I didn't pack the back as tight as I could have. Since I have no passengers, no need to really stuff it.

I probably have the tools quickly I can find it may be another matter :D

I'm liking what I'm bringing this time better. If I was just doing a 2-3 day trip to Maine for sky photography and sleeping in Jeep I should be able to forgo the cooler and the tent. Hoping the air mattress alone is OK; if so then I don't need the full size cot and it takes up as much room as the tent.

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