Friday, January 1, 2021

Happy New Year

What pretty frost!

Aye, you served me well through 2020. Last of the yeast I had managed to string along all year!

Kind of liked that composition while waiting for a propane tank fill.

"Oh look, I made cocoa this morning and forgot to drink it..."

Fortunately I realized in time it was the yeast I was proofing to make bread tomorrow. But I came damn close to drinking it :D

Moved quite a bit to the shed today. Jeep is loaded up for a dump run with three bags of trash and storage container full of pain and used oil to drop off.

So I think I can finish organizing this "wall" tomorrow, and I'll be able to pull the Fusion into the garage before the next snow on Sunday so worst case I can do the brakes after work a couple evenings this week.

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