Sunday, January 17, 2021

Brakes...2 of 2....

It's all done by the getting the new lug nuts in on Tuesday.

Ok, so this worked well -- Harbor Fright tool box, and another tool box tray kept my shit organized.

Took a half hour, but was able to chisel that mother fucking nut off.

Ok, I am really liking this flex head 1/2". I understand now why mechanics like them, it really sped things up.

Interesting, the front rotors are totally different design from rear. They do take most of the force so make the most heat I guess.

Took me about 45 minutes for the first front (had to beat the rotor off with a metal 5# hammer, dead blow wasn't enough), 30 minutes for the other which is about how fast this *should* go. Fucking lug nuts.

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